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David Sipress - At odds

David Sipress – At odds


the solution

the solution


Leunig cable life

Leunig cable life



A little huntsman on my Frangipani tree


Hugh MacLeod – Care more!

FB Streetart.ger

FB Streetart.ger

Toothpastefordinner Graphic Designer Love

Toothpastefordinner Graphic Designer Love

Karl Valentin (1882-1948) was a Munich comedian, cabaret performer, clown, author and film producer. He had significant influence on German Weimar culture. Valentin starred in silent films in the 1920s, and was sometimes called the Charlie Chaplin of Germany.

@NeinQuarterly is just plain brülliant:

A subject and a verb walk into a bar. They have a disagreement. They walks out.

Ontology = what the fuck?
Epistemology = why the fuck?
Phenomenology = the fuck.

what the fuck? = Research question.
how the fuck? = Methodology.
those fucks = Literature review.

A gentle reminder that ö is the German emoticon used to express shock at your ignorance of dialectical materialism.

At Starbucks I order under the name Godot. Then leave.

yes or no = logic.
yes and no = dialectics.
yes and no and yes = love.

When I read Borges, I want to be Argentine. When I read Dante, I want to be Italian. When I read Kafka, I want to be Borges reading Dante.

Arranging my books by those I’ve not read, those I’ve lied to others about having read, and those I’ll lie to myself about some day reading.

In the future, papers will be graded with an LOL, LOL+, LOL-, or wtf.

When capitalism ends, every day will feel like Friday. Until Monday.

Why the fuck? = philosophy.
When the fuck? = history.
The fuck? = philosophy of history.

Look at me. = Instagram.
Look at my cats. = Facebook.
Look at my grammar. = Twitter.

If you’d like an answer, ask a question. If you’d like a question, ask a philosopher.

The German “also” does not mean “also.” It means: “Pay close attention, for I am about to berate you at length.”

Rainer the Red-Nosed Maria Rilke.

If you can’t remember if God is dead, you might have amnietzsche.

Sorry, paradigm: shift happens.

Deformation follows dysfunction.

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Three kinds of intuition

Brain science tells us there are three kinds of intuition: ordinary, expert, and strategic.

Ordinary intuition is just a feeling, a gut instinct.

Expert intuition is snap judgments, when you instantly recognize something familiar, the way a tennis pro knows where the ball will go from the arc and speed of the opponent’s racket.

The third kind, strategic intuition, is not a vague feeling, like ordinary intuition.
Strategic intuition is a clear thought. And it’s not fast like expert intuition. It’s slow. That flash of insight you had last night might solve a problem that’s been on your mind for a month. And it doesn’t happen in familiar situations, like a tennis match. Strategic intuition works in new situations. That’s when you need it most.

It’s the latter that I go by the most. Strategic intuition is what guides me continuously. It is unpopular to request time for thinking, but make your stand and do it anyway.

It is the precursor for the other approach to everything: The OODA loop (observe, orient, decide and act). This method is applied by pilots who rely on the cycle/loop to make decisions and review them in a constant cognitive loop.
ooda loop

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