The day after

8am the next morning, and I am not surprised.
Bewildered yes, but not surprised. This is now the 4th time in a row that a major event came with particular predictions, but then the exact opposite occurred. I now consider this simply well planned and executed info-warfare. People who think they’ll win are set up to take less action, stay complacent. So, well played who ever’s on the other end of the puppeteer string 😐 I’ll keep this hashtag #auspolpress as a reminder.

There was *a lot* going on in languages other than English that I only knew of because I live where I live… and all that campaigning was not reported on, at all…

Still I’m glad it’s over. And ironically, despite my best efforts for them not be around any longer, they’ll now continue to make me better off, as I am -by chance- part of Australia’s privileged caste. So I’ll have to stay smart about how to resocialise the money hereafter.

But for sure we have stopped living in a society now. We now truly *only* live in an economy. This word will now (continue to) give me grief for years and years to come. And I’ll miss society… I always loved her concept



I just read that “Assumptions are the termites of relationships” – and yes they are : /

After pondering over this a bit further I realised that there’s a blanket allowance for people to make all sorts of assumptions, as soon as they quote their religion as the basis for them. Blanket because we have to be so PC and ‘inclusive’. And I am frankly a bit sick of this by now. Only because you are religious xyz doesn’t give the right to make assumptions about your fellow wo/man. You will have to ask, to ensure what you think is actually true.

My patience for religion has reached zero. It’s made up stuff – entirely made up! Yet still they kill each over it, claiming to ‘be more peaceful than the other’ in the process. Modern religion is all but peak hypocrisy to me.