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At first I had snippets of Senator Scott Ludlam as regular blog entries, but soon found this doesn’t reflect the importance I give him. So here’s my Ludlam page 😉

The evidence for data retention?
1 Feb 2015 | Scott Ludlam
Senator Scott Ludlam asks the Attorney General’s Department for evidence as to the effectiveness of increase data retention and to justify claims that without appropriate regimes, law enforcement will “grind to a halt”.
“It is YOUR JOB to balance their power against proportionality”

Senator Scott Ludlam’s vision for WA – and Australia
20 Mar 2014 | Scott Ludlam
“The future exists, its just not widely distributed yet. Lets all work together to turn the ship.”

read the transcript here

Senator Scott Ludlam welcomes Abbott to WA.
10 Mar 2014 | Scott Ludlam
The most ingenious brilliant speech. Epic. Intelligent. Senses nourishing.

3/4 million views in 7 days.

Senator Scott Ludlam’s reply to the Abbott government agenda
13 Nov 2013 | Scott Ludlam
“As a republican, I want to close these observations with the sense that I look forward to the day when we do not persist with Her Majesty the Queen’s representative in this place… as one of the world’s oldest democracies, we have probably outgrown this ritual that we are presently providing a reply to.”

read the transcript here

Senator Scott Ludlam’s inaugural speech
18 Sep 2008 | Scott Ludlam

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