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„Sehen Sie, es gibt über mich so viele Geschichten. Es gibt die Bruder-Leichtfuß-Geschichte von dem, der überall mitmacht und dauernd seine Überzeugung wechselt, es gibt die Geschichte vom Verräter, der unzuverlässig und kein guter Genosse ist, es gibt die Deutschland-Geschichte über einen, der mit seiner Heimat Probleme hat. Das sind Legenden, mit denen man leben muss. An all diesen Geschichten ist etwas dran. Keine würde ich als absolut falsch bezeichnen. Aber warum soll ich sie mir zu eigen machen?“

Hans Magnus Enzensberger


Rising Appalachia – Scale Down

Stand up look around and
then scale back down too

See I believe in a revolution, I believe it is a hell,
I believe in it, take care of it daily daily on demand because…
I am a blacksmith of metal and words and a sheep that pitch black too,
and in this life spun short in the span of things I believe there’s a bit more that we ought to be trying
Cause 500 hundred years ago, when these trees were more dense,
and the colors pristine, so the chaos made sense.
There was no knowing of loss of a mountain,
the whole mountain that I call home and these same hills roll on and on,
without mention of vanish or where fools belong and these same mountains that go to peace
long before the noose, and now that soon is really gone, now that too is nearly gone
so tell me what have we done as a civilization to destroy in our own wake that
metaphorical hand that feeds us we are trashing our own birthday cake
and I consider myself a skeptic but I’m optimist in soul and we are all getting force fed,
we are led around like the bull and he is huge and rageful and somehow subdued and hauled by those thick rings
so don’t you too shut out the filthy, nasty, sticky truth of things
So here we go, get the fuck out your car, walk, it’s good for you stop consuming blindly,
get by on what you do have and then scale that down too

Take a long hard look at you
It starts there, we all got a lot to say about everybody else its our own transgression that always tends to melt into
who’s fault who’s blame who’s wrong, but each and everyone of us is doing something
its too hard, too fast, too long and there’s
none but ourselves to make this thing last, none but ourselves to make this thing last…
Stand up look around and
scale that down too

It starts there, take a long hard look at you, you stand up, look around and then you scale that down too

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