How not to social media

The only social media platform I use is Twitter. I enjoy chatting with people, which is exactly why I like Twitter: wordy tweeps come together, to meet and have a conversation. Even follow each other at times.

But hey, sometimes this ease just does not work out, and you end up completely misunderstood, even considered a creep. Last night the cookie monster -of all tweeps- got me totally wrong, and thought I’m a full-on weirdo. When that happened I mentioned it to my [#IRL] friends afterwards, and they just started laughing, cos they know me as the founder and first member of the planetary no-evil federation.

So nothing is easy, no even the easy things.

If life gives you crumbs, just suck em up.

PS: Dear Cookie Monster, I made cinnamon rolls as per your flickr post, I also have high regards for Leonard Nimoy and his work, and I truly hope you don’t only have another 10 years to hang around.
PSPS: smokes suck anyway.

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