Haphazard urbanisation

I live in allegedly one of the most beautiful cities in the world. But what is being built down here, outside from the big smoke of the CBD, is in many cases simply appalling. Why is that? What is wrong with the architects in Australia, the builders, designers and the government officials who let those eye-sores pop up on every street corner?!

The need for aesthetics is a default setting in the human psyche. Councils, mayors, decision makers – Do something! Build nicer!! Get rid of those horrible ugly clubs and pubs and community halls.

For a change apply taste, reason and common sense BEFORE the first shovel hits the ground. And maybe you even manage to actually visit the place that you intent to design/restructure/claim to take care of…

Save our sanity guys – build better public spaces!!!

Cheat right back

The dilemma: I am incapable of cheating. Whenever I try I get sick and depressed.
On the other hand: Experience and intelligence tell me that we all are being tricked on a daily basis, on a massive scale.

So what to do? Simply put up with it, and see the cheaters get it all their way? Develop a handy OCD as a coping mechanism? Or fight the inner demons and cheat right back at them?

if anyone knows, please fill me in…