Work culture

Down here it seems more important how you look, and everybody else looks, and how the whole day looked in the end, than whether work talks were fruitful, constructive, and/or led to a decision. The term ‘outcomes’ is used a lot, but in the end for no one really a priority. Which -imho- is the reason why so many things in Australia get stifled, donโ€™t work out, or fall over. And everybody wants to complain in the end and throw in their “I always knew it”, but nobody wants to be woken up from their comfy slumber on the way there.

Complacency is such a bitch.

[from: the daily stirrer – observations on the job]

Critique of Romanticism

alaindbJust can’t stop laughing about how much the truth hurts ๐Ÿ˜€‘s Critique of Romanticism

A few snippets:

Instilled emotions propel us into Romanticism.

Romanticism tells us we’re quite good and pure and perfect, very optimistic, we’re all like children.

This attitude makes you self-righteous.

Bluntly: affected thru childhood and adulthood, we are all demented in slightly different ways. we’re all just holding it together somehow (13:00)

No one can be bothered to tell you your obvious craziness which they know about after 30 mins of meeting you, unlike you who still doesn’t know after 40 years.

And yes spot on about instincts. Cos while once healthy, they’re now totally screwed, and off cue!

The cult of the instinct – we’re looking for forms of torture ๐Ÿ˜‰

Relationships – not about love, but about honesty!

Love is about admiration of what is good and accomplished in another person.

(53:00) But also about being pupil and teacher at the same time, pointing out stuff that sucks about the other so they get a chance to become the best possible version of themselves.

Love is connecting up with teaching. But you have to be relaxed, jovial, slightly lighthearted.

Melancholy is sadness worn with dignity. Sometimes you have to call on that emotion too.

My personal mantra echoed: Life is all about forgiveness. And so is love ๐Ÿ™‚ just use your ethical imagination (not your ego).

Be a loveable idiot, and learn to love another idiot.

hashtag herd

my little hashtag herd

all born and fed on this paddock ๐Ÿ˜‰


these ones I took in for care:


About friendship

I grew up in a society where love for other people, gender-unspecific, was accepted, even desirable. Strong bonds between adults were simply tolerated, allowed, and sought after.

I now live in a culture where such strong bonds are only allowed between family members, more or less extended. That makes for a totally different life. It creates a closed-circle thinking, and the opposite of a free and open community, where members would be allowed to share emotions across conceptual ties.

I miss having the chance to explore freely other thought worlds, ideas, cultures. I feel a bit robbed actually.

Long term observe

I don’t believe in Astrology, or horoscopes. But what I thought the other day is that if China is one of the few cultures that went on for millennia without major interference or change, their long term observations have been closely colported and transcribed over generations and generations. So if they say that every 12th generation certain character traits in humans reappear, I actually consider that a possible proposition (not sure if true tho).

When I look at generations now, at grandma, mum, daughter, child, and see how certain personal qualities or peculiarities jump over one or two generations, I consider it possible that, if you made this real research and monitored long term data of psychological evaluations and references, you might get to the conclusion that very particular human traits reappear every 12th generation.2016 Chinese Year of the Monkey Mind you I am not trying to make the case for snake oil sellers here, but question what the basis for this widely accepted and longstanding compartmentalising might be.

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